Secretary of State, Presumed Permission of Apostolic See for a Transfer of Churches, 26 November 1992, AAS 85 (1993): 81.

According to the norm of c. 112, ยง1 of the Code of Canon Law, a person having received baptism is forbidden to be inscribed in another autonomous ritual Church without the authorisation of the Apostolic See. Having approved the judgement of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts, the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II decided that such permission can be presumed whenever a member of the faithful of the Latin Church requests a transfer to another autonomous ritual Church, which has an eparchy within the same territory, provided that the diocesan bishops of both dioceses consent to this in writing.

From the audience with His Holiness, November 26, 1992.

Secretary of State, 26 November 1992, Rescript ex audientia (unofficial translation), AAS 85 (1993): 81; CLSGBI Newsletter 93 (September 1993): 9.