Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference, General Decree Determining the Manner of Promulgation for Particular Legislation, January 1998.

In accordance with the prescriptions of c. 8, §2, the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference hereby decrees that laws enacted by the Episcopal Conference, after recognition by the Apostolic See, are promulgated through promulgation as an “Official Document” of the Conference, although in certain cases another method of promulgation may also be prescribed.

These laws come into force one calendar month after the date affixed to the decree of publication, unless they bind at once because of the nature

pg. 53

pg. 54
of the case, or unless a shorter or longer interval has been specified and expressly prescribed in the law itself.

Code of Canon Law Annotated (Montréal: Wilson & Lafleur Limitée, 2004): 1775.