CICLSAL, Restructuring the Parts of an Institute, January 1991. Private.

A superior general of a pontifical institute of women religious wrote to CICLSAL in the Fall of 1990, advising that in accord with the proper law of the institute and a mandate of the last general chapter, she convoked an extraordinary chapter to deal with the change in the government structures of the institute. The

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extraordinary chapter was convoked for a week in the summer of 1991, and it was hoped that the period between this chapter and the next ordinary general chapter would be a time of experimentation according to the norms of the extraordinary chapter. The institute would move progressively in redefining its government structures. By the time of the ordinary general chapter of 1994, the religious institute should be able to propose to CICLSAL the recommended changes in the government structures of the institute and request appropriate changes in the proper law.

The rescript received from CICLSAL in January 1991, authorized the superior general to proceed along the lines set forth in her letter. The general administration, after the extraordinary chapter in the summer of 1991, would undertake the implementation of its decisions. The changes in the proper law would be in proportion to the changes made in the governance, e.g., less if the provinces are simply reduced; more, if the provinces are abandoned. In approving the plan of the religious institute, CICLSAL cautioned of the need to be attentive to canonical norms for governance in a religious institute and the provision for the responsibilities of the provincial superior in the event that provinces are phased out. The government structures should be suited to carrying out the spirituality and mission of the institute.

CICLSAL, January 1991, Restructuring Parts of an Institute, RRAO (1991): 5.