Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference, General Decree Concerning the Financial Support of Clergy, January 1998.

In accordance with the prescriptions of c. 538, §3, and the provisions of c. 281, §2, and 1274, the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference hereby decrees that, in accordance with the principles of natural justice and equity, and the traditions and circumstances of each dioceses:

1. Each diocesan Bishop shall have a specific fund designed to provide adequate support and accommodation for the following when infirm, ill, old or retired:

– diocesan priests, either incardinated or having pastoral responsibility in the diocese;

– permanent deacons in the full-time employment of the diocese who have no other means of support;

– religious, in so far as this is provided for in the agreement entered into between the dioceses and the institute.

2. The adequacy of the fund is to be reviewed annually by the diocesan financial administrator who is to report to the diocesan finance committee.

3. Where there is as yet no properly organised system of social provision for the clergy, the Episcopal Conference will see that a fund is established which will furnish adequate social security for them in accordance with the provisions of c. 1274, §2.

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4. In circumstances where a diocesan Bishop is unable to establish an adequate fund on account of local financial difficulties, the Episcopal Conference is to facilitate the transfer of funds to such a diocese from wealthier dioceses in accordance with the provisions of c. 1274, §3.

Code of Canon Law Annotated (Montréal: Wilson & Lafleur Limitée, 2004): 1777.