Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, Requirements to erect a religious institute of diocesan right, 1990.

A province of a religious institute in missionary territory, due to distance and cultural differences, petitioned the general superior of the institute and the bishop of the territory in which the province was located to separate from the institute and be erected as a diocesan religious institute under the authority of the bishop in that territory. The bishop inquired of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples as to the requirements for the erection of a religious institute of diocesan right. The following reply was sent to him:


1. Curriculum vitae of the Founder and of the first Superior general of the Institute.

2. A historical juridical account of the religious Institute from its beginning (not more than two or three pages). A copy of the document by which the ecclesiastical authority founded the religious Institute of diocesan right should be included.

3. Six copies of the Constitutions and the Directory, revised in accord with the Code of Canon Law.

* Two copies of the books of prayers of the Congregation

4. Description of the religious habit of a professed member and of a novice.

5. Up-to-date statistics of membership:

* number and age of the perpetually and temporary professed members

* number of novices; and dates of admission

* name of the dioceses and locations of houses where the members are living and working, kinds of activities.

To have a diocesan religious institute recognized as diocesan right, the number of members required is about forty (40) professed of whom the major part are in perpetual vows.

6. Financial status besides declaring any debts, if any, indicate only: a) the number of houses owned by the Institute; b) the sum of money (in USA dollar) banks

7. A statement regarding the following points:

a) any facts of extraordinary nature, such as visions, etc.;

b) what are the particular devotions or the acts of piety?

c) whether in the diocese where the Generalate is located, there exists already any other religious institute with the same name and charisma.

8. Testimonial letters from the diocesan Bishops of those dioceses in which the Institute is present.

Such letters are to be sent directly to the Holy See, together with the opinion of the same Bishops about the following items, namely:

a) utility, stability and discipline of the Institute;

b) initial and on-going formation of the members;

c) government;

d) administration of goods;

e) liturgical and sacramental dimension;

f) conformity with the way of thinking of the Church;

g) collaboration with the hierarchy.

9. Forward to the Office a deposit equivalent to 500 US $ on account for expenses of the entire process.

Rome 1990

Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, Requirements to erect a religious institute of diocesan right, 1990, CLSA, Roman Replies and Advisory Opinions, 2006, 15-16.