Dispensation Faculty Available for the Friday After Thanksgiving Day, 26 June, 1962.

The U.S. Apostolic Delegate can delegate to local Ordinaries who request it, the faculty to dispense from abstinence on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. The faculty, when granted, is valid for five years. N.C.W.C. Circular Notice, 26 June, 1962; information kindly supplied by the V. Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Hagarty, Vice-Chancellor of Chicago.

Dispensation from Friday Abstinence on December 26, 1958, only was granted to all the Ordinaries of Ireland at the request of the Cardinal Archbishop of Armagh because the faithful are wont to celebrate the days following Christmas in a festive manner. S.C. Conc., 18 Nov., 1958, Prot. N. 36111/D; reported on a special insert in the December 1958 issue of the Irish Ecclesiastical Record.

Faculty to Dispense on Vigil of the Immaculate Conception. See c. 1245; S.C. Conc., 13 Jan., 1962, Ap. Del., 2 Feb., 1962.

Seamen and Passengers on Sea Voyages Dispensed From Fast and Abstinence. See c. 248; S.C. Conc., 1 Dec., 1961.