Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Rescript Reestablishing a Laicized Religious Priest as a Cleric, 23 October 1996.

Your Excellency:

Your letter of August, 12 of this year was duly received, in which Your Excellency earnestly requested the reintegration as a priest of the archdiocese of , formerly a priest member of the Congregation of , who on November 8, 1968 was dispensed from all of the obligations attached to the priesthood. At the same time, Your Excellency declared that you were ready to incardinate him in your diocese if the favor is granted.

Regarding this request, having considered all the pertinent circumstances of this case, as well as the support in favor of the reintegration of the petitioner by Your Excellency and the other credible witnesses, it is my pleasure to inform you that this Dicastery has issued the following decree, which was subsequently graciously approved by the Supreme Pontiff on October, 19 of this year:

β€œThe favor, according to the petition , is granted whereby the Reverend NN, who was dispensed on November 8, 1968 from all the priestly obligations β€” everything required by law being duly observed, incardination being previously completed and all occasion of scandal and wonderment being carefully removed β€” he may be integrated among the clergy of the archdiocese of and be rehabilitated to undertake all priestly offices under the responsible vigilance of the local ordinary.”

In notifying the petitioner of this decision, Your Excellency will at the same time paternally advise and exhort him to try at all times and everywhere to respond to this favor of the Holy See by an exemplary priestly life.

On this occasion in communicating this response for your information and implementation, I express my sincere regards and remain most devotedly Yours in the Lord,


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