Congregation for Causes of Saints, Knowledge of the Questionnaires prior to the Diocesan Inquiry, 12 November 1999.

This Congregation has been asked whether prior to the sessions for the interviewing of witnesses, it is permitted to show to the same witnesses the questionnaire prepared by the promotor of justice. Reference was made to c. 1565, §2 of the Code of Canon Law.

1. In light of c. 1565, §1of the Code of Canon Law, the particular norms of the causes of beatification and canonization (see c. 1403, §1), and the constant jurisprudence of the causes of saints, this Congregation responds to the proposed doubt that the questionnaires must not be made known for any reason whatsoever to the witnesses before their depositions.

2. However, the witnesses may be shown a chronology and activity of the servant of God.

Rome, Office of the Congregation of Causes of Saints, November 12, 1999.

José Saraiva Martins

Titular Archbishop of Tuburnica


Edward Nowak

Titular Archbishop of Luni


Prot. No. Var. 4959/99, W.H. Woestman, Canonization: Theology, History, Process (Ottawa, Faculty of Canon Law, Saint Paul University, 2002): 184.