CDW, Dispensation from Priestly Obligations, 10 April 1995. Private.

Enclosed you will find the dispensation from the obligations of the priesthood for Father_________, a priest of the Diocese of _________.

The Concession of this dispensation provides me with the occasion to share in your concern over the departure of Father ______ from the priesthood. While admitting the facility of a judgment made in retrospect, perhaps the experience of the present case will serve as a valuable lesson for all those responsible for approving seminarians for Holy Orders and impress upon them the gravity of their responsibility. The concession of this dispensation might also provide the occasion to remind those involved in formation that candidates for the priesthood must positively demonstrate their suitability for Holy Orders while still in formation.

CDW, 10 April 1995, Dispensation from Priestly Obligations, RRAO (1995): 8.