NZBC, Decree Establishing Criteria for Bishops’ Provisions for Infirm, Elderly, and Retired Priests, October 1994.

While leaving the specifics to be formulated in each diocese in accordance with its own circumstances and customs:

a) in the exercise of his responsibility, each Diocesan Bishop is to have a specific and funded scheme, adequately designed to provide worthy maintenance and accommodation for all the infirm, old and retired priests of his diocese;

b) a number of priests (ex officio, and representatives of the priests of the diocese) are to be involved in the administration of the scheme;

c) the adequacy of the scheme is to be reviewed regularly;

d) the scheme is to apply also to a Bishop who has resigned.

NZBC, October 1994, Gen. Decr., Code of Canon Law Annotated (Montréal: Wilson & Lafleur Limitée, 2004): 1714.