CICLSAL, Fidelity to the Patrimony of Clerical and Lay Institutes, 1992. Private.

A superior general of an apostolic institute of brothers requested advice from CICLSAL regarding the request of one of the provincial superiors of the institute. This major superior asked that he be permitted to be ordained to the priesthood. He also requested permission to admit men to the institute with the option of preparing for ordination to the priesthood.

An official of CICLSAL responded that for the institute to admit men to this congregation of brothers with the option of being ordained to the priesthood would seemingly change the nature of the institute. Men desiring to join this particular apostolic institute should evidence signs of a vocation to the brotherhood. If a man indicates that he has a vocation to the priesthood, he should seek or be referred to a clerical institute. This advice would likewise apply to the case of a secular priest who wished to join the apostolic institute of brothers.

In accord with Perfectae caritatis 10, some brothers can be ordained for the service of the members of the institute. These men would not be ordained primarily for a ministry outside the apostolate of the institute, but to provide daily Mass and the sacraments for the brothers. The superior general should examine the motive of the provincial superior in requesting ordination. Is there a need within the

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province for a brother to be ordained to serve the members of the institute? If there seems to be an incompatibility with the brother remaining as provincial superior while studying for the priesthood, the general superior can either recommend that the provincial superior resign, or he can withhold permission to study for the priesthood until the provincial superior completes his term of office.

CICLSAL, Patrimony of an Institute, RRAO (1992): 12.