Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference, General Decree Concerning Acts of Extraordinary Administration, January 1998.

In accordance with the prescriptions of c. 1277, the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference hereby decrees that the following acts of administration will be considered as acts of extraordinary administration, and will therefore be subject to the prescriptions of the relevant canons:

1. The purchase of immovable property.

2. The sale, exchange, mortgage or pawning of immovable Church property or the subjection of it to any other servitude or burden.

3. The building, demolition or rebuilding in a new form of a building belonging to the Church, or effecting extraordinary repairs upon such a building, subject to the provision that the value for insurance purposes of the building to be demolished or the cost of

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the extraordinary repairs be in excess of R30,000 (thirty thousand rands), and the building or rebuilding project involves an expenditure in excess of R30,000 (thirty thousand rands). These amounts are understood to be linked to the percentage increase (or decrease) in the cost of living indices of the territories within the Conference, to be interpreted and determined each year by the Episcopal Conference from the date of this decree.

4. The sale, exchange, mortgage or diversion in any other way from the place for which they were destined of objects of art, historical documents or other movable property of great importance.

5. The erection of a cemetery.

6. Acts involving civil litigation.

Code of Canon Law Annotated (Montréal: Wilson & Lafleur Limitée, 2004): 1787.