CICLSAL, Valid Novitiate Required for Valid Profession, 1991. Private.

A young woman had entered a public association, a fledgling group, not yet approved as a diocesan religious institute. She completed her postulancy and novitiate in a pontifical religious institute which assisted with the formation process. The young woman remained four years in the public association. She then asked to leave and obtained an indult of departure from the bishop who had approved the association. She later requested to enter the pontifical institute wherein she had made her postulancy and novitiate. The young woman wrote to CICLSAL, giving the above information and requesting that she be dispensed from the postulancy and novitiate in this pontifical institute, since she had already made it prior to her entrance into the public association. Her petition was supported by a statement from the superior general of the pontifical institute attesting to these facts, her suitability and the similarity of the content of the formative period in both the pontifical institute and the public association.

The rescript received from Rome granted the request in view of the particular circumstances of her previous postulancy and novitiate in the pontifical religious institute and the support of the superior general. However, it provided that there be an adequate probation period determined by the superior general with her formation personnel prior to the first profession of the petitioner.

CICLSAL, Valid Novitiate Required for Valid Profession, RRAO (1991): 7-8.