CICLSAL, Maximum Amount for Alienation of Church Goods, 25 March 1992. Private.

On March 25, 1992, in a rescript (Prot. no. SpR 275/73), Eduardo Cardinal Martinez Somalo, Prefect, and Most Rev. Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa,

pg. 304

pg. 305
Secretary, of CICLSAL responded to Sister Donna Markham, O.P., President of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, and Brother Paul Hennessy, C.F.C., President of the Conference of Major Superiors of Men.

The rescript was an affirmative reply to the request of the two presidents of the conferences of major superiors in the United States to grant the maximum amount for the alienation of Church goods for religious congregations in the United States to be raised from one million to three million dollars. The amount for religious congregations will be the same as that for the dioceses of the United States.

In permitting the amount for alienation to be the sum of three million dollars, the two officials of CICLSAL requested that the principles of discernment, good management and prudence continue on the part of the religious institutes. They likewise requested that the religious institutes continue to consult the diocesan bishops in these matters. The prefect and secretary expressed gratitude for the cooperation of the bishops and religious in the United States.

CICLSAL, 25 March 1992, Maximum Amount for Alienation of Goods, RRAO (1992): 15.