Congregation for Clergy, Points to be Considered in the Presentation of Requests for Dispensation from the Irregularity Incurred after Attempted Marriage, 1996.

Points to Be Considered in the Presentation of Requests for Dispensation from the Irregularity Ad Ordines Exercendos Incurred after Attempted Marriage by Priests and Deacons (c. 1044).

1. Date and place of birth of the cleric.

2. Date and place of ordination and incardination.

3. A “Curriculum Vitae” from ordination until defection.

4. A summary of the evaluations received from the Seminary attended by the petitioner en route to priesthood or diaconate.

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5. An evaluation from the Ordinary of the Diocese in which the petitioner exercised his ministry.

6. A statement from the Ordinary of the place where the cleric attempted marriage as to any public notice of the events or scandal involved.

7. What were the exact proximate causes leading to the cleric’s defection from the clerical state?

8. Have these issues been dealt with in an appropriate fashion and if so, with what results?

9. How did the petitioner behave during his cohabitation?

10. Were there any children born of the union? If so, what are the dates of birth?

11. How are any natural obligations arising from the union being met?

12. What civil obligations have been enjoined on the petitioner and how are these being met?

13. What responsibility did the cleric have in the failure of the civil marriage and, if the spouse is still alive, what is her attitude towards the proposed reinstatement?

14. Is there any possibility of the cleric’s being sued or otherwise held accountable for any juridical, moral, or economic consequences of his civil marriage or arising from any other activity he may have engaged in?

15. If the cleric were to be rehabilitated, is there any reason to believe that his readmission would cause any scandal or wonderment among the faithful?

16. Is the petitioner truly penitent for the defection and his attempted marriage and what signs are there of his authentic conversion?

17. What are the cleric’s reasons for requesting readmission and rehabilitation at this time?

18. What theological and spiritual programs has the cleric engaged in or will engage in, in preparation for his return?

19. A “Curriculum Vitae” for the cleric from defection to the present time.

RRAO (1996): 15-16.