Congregation for Causes of Saints, Participation of the Postulator and/or Vice-Postulator at the Sessions of the Diocesan Inquiry, 12 November 1999.

From the examination of the acts of the diocesan inquiries, it is seen that at times the postulator or the vice postulator is present and assists at the depositions of the witnesses, and reference is made to what is established by the Code of Canon Law for marriage cases.

Considering the norms found in nos. 6,a and 16, a-b of the 1983 “Norms to be Observed in Inquiries Made by Bishops in the Causes of Saints,” and the constant jurisprudence of the causes of saints, this Congregation establishes that “for the validity of the session,” the postulator and the vice postulator must not be present at the sessions for the examination of witnesses in diocesan inquiries.”

Rome, Office of the Congregation of Causes of Saints, November 12, 1999.

José Saraiva Martins

Titular Archbishop of Tuburnica


pg. 1149

pg. 1150
Edward Nowak

Titular Archbishop of Luni


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